summaery2022: Projects

A.I.R. autarke interkulturelle Raumstationen

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submitted by
Julia Heinemann

Arlt Lilli-Marie, Brandt Clara, Chrzanowski Charlotte, Grefer Lara Paulina, Ising Anne-Fleur, Pöhlmann Nico, Storck Helen Fe Maria, Sauereisen Rebecca Susann, Ma Yuxuan, Bielmeier Emily, Iliev Antonio Veselinov, Humborg Sophia, Müller Jonas, Brauer Amelie Emma Roberta Antonia, Steinbach Greta Helga, Eyink Lisa Liliane, Menzenbach Hannah Katharina, Klaus Vanessa, Wink Carla Filippa

Julia Heinemann

Architecture and Urbanism

Degree programme:
Architecture (Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Amalienstraße 13

attractive to children

Stiftung Landschaftspark Nohra

Project description

A.I.R. in Nohra
In 2025, climate change has reached the feared proportions,

the air to breathe becomes thinner, the water scarcer, the landscape more barren. What role will the university play in the future and how can its actors have a visionary and direct impact on the living environment and integrate experiences from real challenges and everyday situations into research and react to them in a user-oriented and sustainable way?

Environmental protection, as protection of the environment from disruptive influences and impairments, is also an architectural challenge. What is available? What is to be preserved? How much structural intervention and technology does it take to create and maintain a near-natural cultural space?

What actors are there and are they needed? What will the social structure of the future look like? How can an identity-preserving and at the same time -creating intercultural community work together on decisive questions of shaping the future and in this way test them at the same time?

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