summaery2022: Projects

Kitchens for shelters for people on the move

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submitted by
Franka Fetzer

Ina Baumholzer, Hannah Essigkrug, Niklas Hengelhaupt

Prof. Frank Eckhardt

Architecture and Urbanism,
Civil Engineering,
Art and Design,

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– Other –

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2022

Exhibition Location / Event Location
  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8 - Hauptgebäude / Main Building
    (Foyer im 1. Stock )

Participation in the Bauhaus.Modules

Fachdienst für Migration und Integration der AWO Mittelwest-Thüringen, OBI Süßenborn, Huck Finn

Project description

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched an active war of aggression on Ukraine. Many people had to flee Ukraine. Here in Weimar, too, many refugees from Ukraine arrived and are still arriving. Many shared apartments, families and people with vacation homes have taken them in, created solidarity networks and organized self-managed initial accommodations. Now, slowly, the city of Weimar is also making its own apartments or rooms available to people on the run. In some cases, however, this fails due to above-average delivery times for furnishings, such as built-in kitchens (up to 16 weeks). In order to speed up the whole process, a few students started a project to build (for the time being) 40 kitchens out of wood to enable a quick move into long-term living space.

The requirement was for low-cost, modular kitchens that were easy to build and repair. With a total of over 160 students and volunteers, we developed an initial functional kit of the K70 and built it over 3 construction workshop weekends. In a further creative process, more functional modules for the kitchen could be developed. It was especially important that they were planned and realized in a cost-saving, sustainable and needs-based way. Thanks to all the support!

Email: franka.maria.fetzer[at]

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