How are Projects Unfolding during the Pandemic?

Three Corona Semesters – ›TheSum‹

In the lead-up to this year’s annual »summaery«, we would like to share some of your experiences studying and working during the pandemic. What projects were you able to complete during this time and have you learned anything useful for the future?

We are inviting students to share how their projects evolved under pandemic conditions for summaery2021 – ›TheSum‹:

How & where was your work carried out?
How has the pandemic altered the way you work?
What was missing? What emerged in a new way? And, above all: What should stay?

Tell us the story of your project via our online interview form and feel free to upload any other forms of contributions. We look forward to seeing your photos, videos, creative texts and audio uploads, graphics, illustrations and any other original forms of contributions. 

Your contributions will be published on the website and selected contributions will also be published on the university’s social media channels.

Ther summaery2021 – ›TheSum‹ website is an exhibition space not only for completed projects, but also a space where you can share your experiences studying under unprecedented conditions. It offers insights into work methods and work spaces, acting as a retrospection and a preview all at once.

Are you working at the university? Or perhaps you have already graduated, but still wish to share your unique experiences with us? We would love to hear from you too!

Please note that this form is not for project submission for summaery2021 itself. This form will be released mid-June.

61793-summaery2021: How are Projects Unfolding during the Pandemic?

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summaery2021 – ›TheSum‹
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