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Construction Management in Existing Buildings

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Benjamin Asche, Tobias Buch, Nils Fischer, Joline Hosny, Moritz Jäger, Ezra Jansen, Maximilian Kurth, Johannes Langlotz, Anna Lohmann, Laura Mathias, Hauke Pfaff, Konstantin Rothhagen, Annika Scheinitz, Yannic Stark, Lucas Straub, Pia-Marie Theissing, David Winkelhage, David Wittig

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Bargstädt, Tino Walther M.Sc.

Civil Engineering

Degree programme:
Management [Construction Real Estate Infrastructure] (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

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– Other –

Winter semester 2019/20

Project description

The range of topics discussed within the module Construction Management in Existing Buildings, will become increasingly interesting and relevant for future generations. Thus, a more practical and applicable approach was sought out in the lecture.
The module covered topics such as building analysis, cyclical activities, technical planning, scheduling, cost budgeting and cost tracking, construction and project management in reconstruction and renovation as well as general safety aspects and supplementary life cycle considerations with regard to facility management tasks.
External lectures provided practical support to the topics discussed in the lectures.
A site inspection took place in early December 2019, where students in the Master degree programme Management [Construction Real Estate Infrastructure] were guided through a school building undergoing renovation by an experienced site manager and were informed and introduced to the special features and aspects of construction in existing buildings.
A further practical task for the students was to survey a street section in a residential area of Weimar, despite the cold winter weather, in order to document not only obvious defects, but also existing particularities in the construction style and their possible renovation measures.

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