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Home Sweet Summaery

Project information

submitted by
Johannes Weigelt

Robert Baumgart, Lola Behrens, Max Böhm, Maria Carmona, Niklas Danler, Sven Fischbach, Constantin Graw, Max Haubold, Felix Kieffer, Felix Kummich, Isabel Liebehenz, Simon Morgenstern, Lena Rückert, Massimo Scheidegger, Marvin Überschär, Johannes Weigelt, Julius Zwach, Namun Baek, Anna Philippa de Lima, Laurenz Werb

Katrin Krupka, Susann Paduch

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Product Design (Bachelor of Arts (B.A.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2020

Project description

We are 20 young people who could hardly be more different. And yet one thing unites us, our joy in creating. We study product design in the second semester at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Here you can get an insight into our designs and concepts from the digital summer semester 2020.
With the Matériel trouvé, a practice inspired from art, we started our creative work in our own four walls.
We designed the AdHocAssistants as supporters for the home office of our project partners.
The HomeSweetWork project was developed in teamwork and is a furniture design for the new work at home.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • – ONLINE –
  • – Other –, analoge Stationen in der Weimarer Innenstadt