summaery2019: Projects

ZZZNACK Publications

Project information

submitted by
Raul Walch & Ina Weise

Santiago Botero, Mason Cashman, Arijit Bhattacharyya, Angelica Camargo Florez, Viktor Dallmann, Clarissa Elena Garcia Hidalgo, Cora Gross, Eemaan Raja, Răzvan-Cristian Liță, Haley McGuinness, Lina Mujica, Sorn Patharakorn, Why Elliy, Milad Rezaei, Diana-Maria Șinteuan, Titirat Skultantimayta, Lea Wittich

Raul Walch, Ina Weise

Art and Design

Degree programme:
Fine Art (Diploma),
Public Art and New Artistic Strategies (english) (Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.))

Type of project presentation

Summer semester 2020

attractive to children


Project description

Between video conferences and the digitalization of teaching an almost forgotten niche can take advantage of the moment: mail art and self-publishing. Methods and initiatives closely associated with art (counter) movements and social conditions. Zines, independent publications and a wide range of printed matter are experiencing a revival.

With students from the Faculty of Art and Design, who come from diverse regions of the world, a publication and mail art project was created over the summer semester, which opens new old windows instead of cursing the digital. Write it, print it, cut it and send it! Own the means of your production!

A converted vending machine, installed in the Bauhaus Atelier, gives the opportunity to view, read and purchase the art works.

A project by Ina Weise & Raul Walch, MFA-Programme “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies“.

Exhibition Location / Event Location

  • Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 6a - Bauhaus.Atelier