summaery2019: Projects

Experimental Structural Dynamics

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Fabiola Andreina Tartaglione Garcia

Idham Ahraf,Saad Alhneidi,Rafael Amaro de Azevedo Soares,Monajir Ansari,Daniela Ardila Ospina,Muhammad Saqlain Awan,David Jahel Bonilla Sanchez,Ivan Chimulwa,Rohan Raj Das,Barbara Evaldt Bombardelli,Lissethe Fernanda Gonzalez Lamadrid,Luis Carlos Isaza Garzon,Pitambar Kundu,Salina Maharjan,Dulce Mendarte Lopez,Mina Diaa Shoukry Nageeb,Fachri Ramadhan,Sudan Shakya,Aayush Sigdel,Jitendra Tiwari

Dr.-Ing. habil. Volkmar Zabel

Civil Engineering

Degree programme:
Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering (NHRE) (englischsprachig) (Master of Science (M.Sc.))

Type of project presentation
Final project

Summer semester 2020

Project description

This year, 20 students from the Master's course in Natural Hazards and Structural Risks took part in the “Experimental Structural Dynamics” project. The content-related framework is formed by questions such as: What is "Operational Modal Analysis"? or What is the dynamic behaviour of a structure?

The students are introduced to the state of the art and research and are empowered to confidently deal with structural dynamics tasks in engineering practise or in research. The students acquired in-depth knowledge of structural dynamic analysis, data processing and dynamic test equipment as well as their handling. The dynamic behaviour of laboratory structures or historical buildings in Thuringia has been conducted this semester according to the numerical and experimental analyses.

Development of the projects during the Corona times

Working in small groups improves the students' social skills. However, students have dealt with a complex situation because they had to work under special conditions of social distancing in the past months. Under regular conditions, students have the possibility to work with the structures under analysis from scratch using sensor equipment at the laboratory, nevertheless, the objectives of the course were achieved using previous experimental data and students have shown outstanding resilience facing all challenges in this period.

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