After you graduate

The Career Service

The Career Service offers support for all your questions concerning career guidance and your entrance into a career, both during your studies and after graduation. It offers not only individual counselling but workshops and talks on key qualifications and all topics on starting your career.
The Career Service also offers company presentations and touring of corporate facilities, and an annual career fair.

Recognition of vocational credentials

There are all kinds of different names all over the world for similar professional qualifications. For example, do you know what “Dipl-Ing.” is? It is the conventional university qualification for German engineers. It is unlikely that your professional qualification will be familiar to every German company. That means that the company will read the name of the qualification in your application and still not know what you can do and whether you are sufficiently qualified for the job. So here’s our tip: have your qualification recognised.


Do I need to have my qualification recognised?
For many qualifications, it is helpful to have them recognised. For others, it is an actual requirement for being able to work in Germany. That depends on what your profession is:  

Who needs recognition? In Germany, certain professions are “regulated”. Germans and foreign nationals may only work in these professions if they have a very precise qualification. This applies to professions such as doctors and lawyers. It also applies to masters of manual trades if they work as independent contractors. If you want to work in one of these regulated professions, you need to have your professional qualification recognised in Germany. 

For whom is recognition helpful? Most professions are not regulated. For example, to work as a business manager, IT specialist or baker, you do not need any specific professional qualification. For this reason, you are not obliged to have your qualification recognised in Germany. However, it can still help – even in cases where the qualification is only equivalent in part. That way, companies can see what you are able to do from your application – and you make a good impression during the application procedure. 

How do I apply for recognition of my vocational qualification?