Student Jobs

One way to finance your studies is to take a part-time job. Weimar is a small city, which means that finding a good student job isn’t easy. Many student job offers are posted on campus at the beginning of every semester – such as on the notice boards in the University Library and faculties. You can inquire directly at your faculty or ask your professor about possible job openings, or you can search for jobs on the Piazza.

When seeking gainful employment, international students must take several things into consideration, such as whether they have to pay taxes and how many hours they are allowed to work. One’s level of German proficiency also plays an important role. For more information, visit this websites:

Please keep in mind:

Even if your German skills are excellent, studying in Germany is a big challenge. You will have to adapt yourself to a new way of life, customs and academic culture in Germany. Writing papers and holding presentations in a foreign language is anything but easy. It takes a lot of time and effort – and in the end, you might find you don’t have the energy for a part-time job.