Please note: When planning your study trip to Germany, you should try to secure financial aid in your home country first. Although there are many institutions in Germany which offer a broad range of scholarships, some scholarship requirements are so specific that they only apply to a few students. Our advice is to look into funding opportunities in your home country first, and then in Germany.

Search for suitable scholarships classified by the applicant’s country of origin and subject of study on the DAAD Scholarship Database with grants and scholarships offered by numerous organisations throughout Germany (not only the DAAD).

Every year the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar awards Bauhaus Scholarships to international and German students. Payment of the Bauhaus Scholarships begins in the summer semester and generally lasts one academic year. The application deadline is 15 December each year and scholarships are awarded in the summer semester beginning in April the following year.

The International Office also awards scolarships for special occasions, such as graduation.