Living Costs

The cost of living in Weimar ranges between 750 and 850 euros a month, which is relatively inexpensive for German standards. The cost of accommodation accounts for the largest expenditure for students – all additional expenses depend on your lifestyle. Click the following links to find out what type of expenses you can expect and how much money, for example, you should budget for food each month.

Information on the public broadcast fee (“Rundfunkgebühr”)

Monthly costs in Weimar

Costs for groceries

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Monthly costs in Weimar

Books + Study utilities70 Euro
Accomodation285 Euro
Food200 Euro
Health Insurance100 Euro
Diverse200 Euro
Sum855 Euro

Costs for groceries

1 breadca. 2 Euro
1 kg applesca. 1,50 Euro
1 kg bananasca. 1,50 Euro
2 kg potatoesca. 1,50 Euro
1 kg tomatoesca. 2,00 Euro
1 liter milkca. 0,90 Euro
1 bottle Water (0,75 liter)ca. 0,50 Euro
1 cup of coffee (at a Café)0,50 - 2,80 Euro
1 beer (at a restaurant)1,50 - 4,50 Euro
1 pizza (at a restaurant)5,00 - 10,00 Euro