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Before your arrival in Weimar you should take care of the following things:

  • learn and refresh your German
  • select courses and create the Learning Agreement
    Attention: The course catalogue of the next semester will be published only a few weeks before the semester starts.
  • pay the semester contribution and bring the receipt of payment with you to Weimar
  • obtain sufficient health insurance for your stay and bring proof to Weimar
  • apply for Visa, if needed
  • make an appointment to get keys for your housing
    Attention: You must make an appointment with the Student Housing Office to get the key for your housing. Please remember that the Studierendenwerk Thüringen, Student Services of Thuringiais is open Monday-Friday, not on the weekends. 

    • You find the contact persons of the Studierendenwerk Thüringen at "Housing" here.

German language skills

The University requires proof of your German knowledge (a certificate or confirmation that you currently are enrolled in a German course).

If your German level is not B1 (recommended level in the inter-institutional agreements of Erasmus- and exchange programmes) all exchange students must attend our German intensive course. If your language level is already B1 you are not obligated to participate in the intensive language course, but we recommend that you deepen your German-language skills further, in order to be better prepared for your studies in Germany.

Since courses and seminars, depending on the course of studies and discipline, are primarily conducted in German, we recommend all students prepare as much as possible and achieve a B1 level in German. Only some courses are offered in English.

 We accept the following as certificate of your German language competence:

  • certificates from Goethe-Institut, language schools or your home university
  • course certificates which announce how many hours / semesters you have attended a German course and at which level
  • German courses marked on your transcript of records
  • German courses taken in secondary school, recorded in a school report
  • letter from your German instructor assessing your current level of German

If you are currently attending a German course, you may submit a confirmation of participation with your application and submit the final course certificate later.

Learn German

German intensive course

The University’s Language Centre offers a three weeks German intensive course (60 hours) in September and March on the condition that you will take the placement test. The first German language course is free of charge for exchange students from partner-universities.

Exchange students with only basic or intermediate knowledge of German (all A-levels) must take part in this course.

Apart from the German intensive course, the Language Centre also offers various foreign language courses and regular semester courses in German as a Foreign Language.

Language Centre, Coudraystr. 13 a, 2nd floor, 99423 Weimar

You find the Language Centre website here.

Bauhaus Summer School

During the Bauhaus Summer School in August you can learn German as a foreign language in groups of up to 15 participants from all over the world. The programme is the perfect way to prepare for a degree programme or internship in Germany. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, advanced student or practically an expert. This four week (100 hours) "Deutsch in Weimar" course is perfect to learn or improve your German language skills.

You can find the Bauhaus Summer School website here.


Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle offers free online German courses for beginner and advanced students learning German. You can learn at your computer with videos, audio and podcasts - or traditionally with printable worksheets.

 You can find the online courses that Deutsche Welle offers here. (in German only)

Deutsch-Uni Online

You can also pay for courses offered online by Deutsch-Uni. Here you can receive personal attention and assistance from a tutor.

You can find Deutsch-Uni's online German courses here.

Goethe-Institut Online

The Goethe Institute also offers German exercises online, free of charge.

 You can find the German exercises from the Goethe Institute here.

Goethe Institute

The Goethe institute is the Federal Republic of Germany's cultural institute, which is active worldwide and offers German language courses in many cities. You can learn German in your native country in order to prepare for your stay in Germany.

You can find the Goethe Institute's website here.

You can find a listing of the Goethe Institutes here.

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is a contract between you, your home university and the host faculty at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The agreement establishes which study goals you wish to meet in Weimar and to which extent.

Please use our electronic course catalogue to prepare your proposed Learning Agreement. Contact also your International Counsellor at your home university for academic advising. The new course catalogue of a semester will be published only a few weeks before the semester starts.

The proposed Learning Agreement can be changed upon your arrival after consulting with the International Counsellor of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. For further questions and to get your Learning Agreement signed, please contact the International Counsellor of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar after you received your letter of acceptance.

Please do not send us any Learning Agreements with your application.


Semester contribution

As an Exchange Student you do not have to pay study fees. But you have to pay the semester contribution of the Studentenwerk Thüringen. It is used for the local train and bus ticket, for student associations, etc.

The amount of the Semester contribution will be fixed approximately in July for the winter semester and in January for the summer Semester. Please then check the actual amount here. Please pay your semester contribution at home and bring the receipt of payment with you to Weimar. Present the receipt of payment during registration at the International Office after arriving in Weimar. Enrolment is not possible without proof of having paid the semester contribution.

Use as reason for payment for example "Exchange/Winter-/or Summersemester 20……/Name, First Name", because you will get your student ID number during the registration. 

Overview of monthly costs

Health insurance€80
Books and Supplies€30
Total per Month€690
+ Semester contribution (per semester)

Health insurance

All students in Germany must have health insurance. When enrolling as a student of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, you must provide proof of health insurance. In addition, the Immigration Authority, when issuing resident permits, reviews whether your health insurance is sufficient for your stay in Germany and meets the legal requirements.

Exchange students from an EU country

and countries with which Germany has a national insurance agreement (Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, as well as a restricted agreement with Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia) must apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their native country and show it when enrolling. Please note that the European Health Insurance Card is only valid for temporary stays abroad and only covers necessary medical treatment. Please consult your health insurance company at home about your insurance coverage in Germany.

Exchange students outside of the EU

  • We recommend that you obtain basic, legal health insurance after your arrival in Germany, as well as travel health insurance for your arrival and the first few days in Germany. After your arrival in Weimar, you will receive  support in obtaining health insurance during the Welcome Events.
  • If you already have private (and hopefully sufficient) health insurance for your stay abroad in Germany, you must obtain a Bescheinigung  über die Befreiung von der gestzlichen Krankenversicherungspflicht (certificate of release from the legal health insurance obligation) from a health insurance company in Germany.  Consult your health insurance provider about the exact requirements. Simply obtaining travel health insurance is not sufficient and recommended only for your arrival.
    For the confirmation and examination of sufficient insurance, please bring a certificate from your insurance company (German/English) that includes
      • name of insured
      • duration of coverage
      • coverage and services
      • amount insured
      • validity of the insurance for Germany

Please Note:

  • If you are privately insured, you can no longer switch to German legal public insurance for the duration of your stay.
  • Individuals with private insurance must pay for all medical services and medications in Germany in advance and must receive a refund from their health insurance company.

You can find more information about German health insurance at the DAAD website DAAD website here.




Students from non-European countries need a visa for studying in Germany.

Warning: Do not travel to Germany on a tourist visa. It cannot be converted to a student visa afterwards, and you will have to travel back to your home country and apply for a student visa from there.

To find out whether you require an entry visa, select your country of origin from the list of the Federal Foreign Office here.

You find informations from DAAD about the VISA regulations here.

You find informations from the Weimar International Network (WIN) here.