Staff Mobility (STT)

This programme promotes university internationalization by funding continuing education courses for German university staff members (lecturers and administrative staff) at European universities and foreign companies or institutions.

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Who is eligible for funding?

University staff members from different fields (student counseling, public relations, continuing education programmes, technology & transfer, department of finances, general & technical administration, libraries, departments, faculties, etc.)

What is eligible for funding?

Training events (e.g. exchange of expertise, continuing education measures) at a European institution for a minimum of 1 week (= 5 work days) up to a maximum of 6 weeks at one institution. Under fulfillment of certain requirements, funding can be granted for a stay shorter than 1 week.

What expenses are covered?

  • travel expenses
  • •subsistence costs up to the EU maximum rate staggered depending on the country of destination

How do I apply?

  1. Contact the International Office!
  2. Before your departure: Please submit your travel application form, the confirmation form and the work plan to the International Office.
  3. Ask the partner institution to issue you the confirmation and submit it to the International Office...
  4. when you return. Also make sure to include your report. The mobility allowance can only be granted after all documents are submitted.

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