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Course Content

The Degree Course in Medienmanagement (Media Management) comprises the following core subject areas in terms of teaching and research:

1. Media Management
2. Media Economics
3. Marketing and Media
4. International Management and Media 

This core curriculum is supplemented by the modules Media Law I & II, as well as courses in Investment and Financing of Media Enterprises and Basic Internal and External Accountancy. These are offered within the context of inter-faculty collaborations and through external teaching contracts.

Module Catalogue

Programme Curriculum and Design

The Master’s Degree Course in Media Management has a standard duration of two years and leads to the acquisition of 120 ECTS credit points. The first semester introduces students to the central aspects of the subject in the form of basic methodology and theory. During the second and third semesters, students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge by specialising in either Media Management, Media Economics or Marketing and Media. The fourth semester is devoted to completion of the Master’s thesis. Further details of the programme can be found in the curricula:

Winter Semester 2011/2012 Curriculum

Winter Semester 2007/2008 Curriculum

The course contents are divided into modules, which bring together a number of related courses and subjects.

There are three module types:

- Project Modules A project module generally comprises four courses (e.g. one lecture, two seminars and one colloquium), each of which is worth 3 ECTS credit points. These courses deal in detail with the same subject from a variety of perspectives. Each project module is thus worth 12 ECTS in total. In addition to the compulsory project modules Economic Theories and Applied Empirical Research from the first semester, students must also take two of the three project modules in Media Management, Media Economics and Marketing und Media.

- Study modules A study module comprises two courses (e.g. one lecture and one seminar), each of which is worth 3 ECTS credit points. Each study module is thus worth 6 ECTS in total. Media Law I & II and the Master’s Colloquium are compulsory. In addition, three study modules may be selected from the following list: Media Management, Media Economics and Media in the Economy, Marketing and Media, International Management and Media and Investment and Financing of Media Enterprises. 

- Optional modules Further courses can be selected freely from the Faculty curriculum, as well as from various collaborative inter-faculty programmes Optional modules are worth 6 ECTS credit points each.

Master’s Thesis

The aim of the Master’s thesis is to demonstrate that students have the ability to apply academic methodology to a research project within a given period. Students can choose their thesis topic and supervisor themselves. Supervision takes place in the form of a Master’s colloquium and a series of individual consultations.

Students should register in person at the Examinations Office, which is part of the Dean’s Office at the Faculty of Media. Production of the Master’s thesis takes four months, or six months in the case of empirical assignments.

Registration Details

The Master’s Colloquium takes place approximately at the half-way stage of the process. It gives students the opportunity to present their topics and problem statements, as well as selected extracts from their research work. The Master’s Colloquium is worth 6 ECTS credit points.

The Master’s Module is worth 24 ECTS credit points. Assessment comprises a grade for the Master’s thesis itself (which has a weighting of 70 %) and another for the defence of the thesis (30 %). The defence takes place during the examination period of the semester and lasts approximately 60 minutes in all. The defence gives students the opportunity to present the results of their research and to respond to any questions asked by the panel.

Dates for Current Thesis Defences  

Upon successful completion and defence of the Master’s thesis, students are awarded the academic degree Master of Arts by the Faculty of Media.