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Das sollten Sie mitbringen

  • Interesse an verschiedenen Phänomenen aus Medien, Ökonomie und Alltag
  • Bereitschaft, sich auf unkonventionelle Forschungsthemen und -perspektiven einzulassen
  • Leidenschaft für offene Fragen
  • Selbständigkeit, Kreativität und Flexibilität
  • Spaß an der Arbeit in Gruppen
  • Offenheit für überfachliche Initiativen und Netzwerke
  • Organisatorische Fähigkeiten und Spaß am Planen
  • Souveränes Auftreten und gute Kommunikationsfähigkeiten

Admissions Requirements

The prerequisite for admission to the degree course is a first academic degree with above-average grades (i.e. overall grade at least 2.5) in

a) Economics or a related subject or

b) Media Studies or a related subject

Before they begin their studies, applicants whose first academic degree is not in Economics should be able to provide proof that they have acquired relevant academic knowledge equivalent to at least 50 ECTS credit points. The selection panel shall consider all submissions which are relevant to the subject of Economics. Credit points gained as part of a first-degree dissertation, if thematically relevant, will also be recognized.

Application Procedure

Once the formal prerequisites have been fulfilled, applications are processed by an internal university selection panel, which assesses the aptitude of the each applicant for the specific demands of the degree course. An applicant is deemed to have met this requirement, and is thus admitted to the Master’s Degree Course in Media Management, if she or achieves a total score of at least 80 out of the 100 points available using the assessment scheme presented here.

The first step in this aptitude assessment is the conversion of the overall grade of the applicant’s first university degree into a numerical score using the calculation table below. If an applicant has not completed a degree course at the time of application but can provide proof of the acquisition of at least 150 ECTS credit points in a relevant subject, the calculation is carried out using the average grade achieved in her or his examination results thus far. The maximum possible score is 60.

1.0: 60 pts       1.4: 56 pts       1.8: 52 pts       2.2: 48 pts
1.1: 59 pts       1.5: 55 pts       1.9: 51 pts       2.3: 47 pts
1.2: 58 pts       1.6: 54 pts       2.0: 50 pts       2.4: 46 pts
1.3: 57 pts       1.7: 53 pts       2.1: 49 pts       2.5: 45 pts

In addition, the applicant must submit a letter of motivation consisting of three to four A4 pages. This piece of writing will be awarded a score out of 40, based on the four criteria listed below, each of which is worth ten points. The maximum possible score is thus 40.

The four criteria are:
1. Subject-specific knowledge acquired in the course of the applicant’s previous academic education (with reference to the core study areas of the Master’s Degree Course in Media Management) 

2. Subject-specific practical experience acquired, for example, through internships, non-university projects, professional work experience and work abroad

3. Explanation of why the applicant is interested in the field of media management, together with personal expectations of the course contents

4. Reflective and analytical skills in the field of Media Studies, as well as the ability to work with due care and accuracy

The applicant must provide proof of all her or his record of achievements in the form of a tabular curriculum vitae. A transcript of records should also be submitted, containing the titles of all courses attended as part of the applicant’s first academic degree and the ECTS credit points acquired.

Selection Panel

Applicants are chosen by a selection panel, consisting of two Professors and two research assistants from the Media Management degree programme.

Application Deadline

The Master’s Degree Course in Media Management begins at the beginning of each winter semester. Applications should be submitted by 15th July of the given year using the internet application portal.

The matriculation deadline is 30th September of the given year.

Language Requirements for Applicants from Abroad

Applicants from abroad must provide proof of competence in the German language equivalent to DSH-2 or TestDaF (at least 4x TDN 4).

Further information can be found by clicking on Internationales of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and Internationales of the Faculty of Media.