In accordance with the »Weimar Model«, research-oriented projects are a large and defining part of the Master’s programme. Most projects are done in groups, and some involve an interdisciplinary team of students. HCI projects focus on design, implementation and evaluation of software systems and interfaces or on designing, planning and running user studies.  

Projects are conducted in close collaboration with supervising professors and their research assistants. They require considerable autonomy from students and train general transferable skills via group work and independent research. 

Check out some of the projects run at our faculty: 

Instrumentation of Public Space for Social Interaction. Multi-user interface for public space, using a self-built wireless input- and output-modules

Shoe me the Way. Mobile navigation via tactile feedback right in the user's shoe. 

Exploring Interactive Theatre. Using interactive technologies on the stage - developed a 20 minute theatre piece. 

MMM Ball: an interactive demo of a Massive Mobile Multiuser Framework (and here an article in German )

Social Virtual Reality. 3D telepresence 

pART: parametric Architectural Retrieval Tools. Search tool for architectural floor plans in a reference catalogue. article in German  and short English description