! ATTENTION PLEASE ! The programme of study »European Film and Media Studies« will not be continued from winter semester 2017/18. Applications for the programme will not be accepted anymore. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Prospective students are invited to apply for the EFMS master’s programme at one of the three partner universities that will then automatically become the student’s home institution. Every year, up to 5 eligible students are accepted.

Required are:

  • an above-average graduate degree from an accredited University in an EU state (or international equivalent) in the field of humanities (Licence en Sciences humaines, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Diplom, Maîtrese, Magister). Particularly eligible are graduates from cultural or media studies or other programmes with special media reference

  • intercultural competence, e.g. experiences gained in the participant countries, Erasmus or Socrates programme's semesters during the bachelor course or certified internships ou language courses abroad

Application procedure

Applications for the EFMS study programme must be sent to one of the three partner universities on time. Application takes place online. Applications must include:

  • a certified copy of the first University's degree
  • a letter of motivation of three pages, in which the student shall outline his particular research interests (please no pure verbalization of the CV). Subjects can be, for instance, media-related projects or internships, experiences abroad or other proofs of academic or personal dedication. Evidence is to be provided for each activity. At least, the personal professional perspective in reference to the EFMS programme shall be exposed

Based on the quality of application eligible graduates will be invited to an interview in the beginning of July with a special commission that is to check the language abilities and scientific fitness of the candidate. Finally, it will be this commission that decides about the admission to the tri-national EFMS programme.

Admissions deadline: 15 July