The master’s programme Computer Science for Digital Media comprises lectures, tutorials, seminars, two comprehensive student research projects as well as a master’s thesis for which students can choose between various specialised fields. During the first and third semester, students undertake research projects (15 ECTS each) in small groups of 3-6 students, which can be selected from a wide variety of topics offered by the different professorships. A large elective module (24 ECTS) spanning the second and third semester allows students to further specialise in advanced topics of computer science, mathematics or master’s courses from other fields. The third semester is also an ideal semester to be spent abroad, since it offers greater flexibility with respect to the choice of classes. The fourth and final semester is reserved for conducting the master’s thesis project. 

The standard duration of studies for the Computer Science for Digital Media master’s programme is four semesters leading to the award of a Master of Science degree. All master’s courses are offered in English. Basic English is spoken nearly everywhere, since the historic city of Weimar attracts many visitors from all over the world. However it is useful to acquire some knowledge of the German language to simplify your daily life. Teaching and research assistantships as well as other jobs are readily available at the university and with local companies. The Student Services and the Student Council support students in finding jobs.

Application information can be found here.