Medienwissenschaft (Media Studies), M.A.

Thanks to the intensive research efforts of our professors in Media (Cultural) Studies, the Faculty of Media has assumed a leading role in the field both nationally and internationally. For this reason, the Faculty of Media is now more intensively integrating its research activities into the master’s degree programme Media Studies. Established in 2010, this programme enables students to participate in current research processes, analyse findings and engage in research and project work of their own in the long term.

What does the programme offer?
Professors and students jointly develop historical and theoretical models which can be used to understand and describe aesthetic, social and (media-) technological change as a cultural process and practice, as a social and individual process of signification, and as a catalyst or stabilizer depending on the environment and subjective forms. Cultural scientific media research investigates and describes the wide array of media processes and encourages the historical and theoretical power of judgement when dealing with media and contemplating the effects and design of media.

Course content

The master’s degree programme Media Studies focuses on the following areas:

  • Media Scientific Fundamentals (Media Theory, Media History)
  • Film and Media Philosophy
  • History and Theory of Media Worlds
  • History and Theory of Cultural Technologies
  • Image Theory 
  • Media Sociology
  • Archival and Literary Studies
  • History of Science

The first three semesters consist of both a study module and a project module in the areas of Media Studies or Cultural Studies. The purpose of the project module is to enable students to study a chosen subject or research area in an intensive, reflective and exceedingly independent manner. Students are expected to come up with their own scientific results, write publishable articles on their findings or produce experimental presentation in another form, such as exhibitions, publication projects, installations and the like. In the fourth semester, students complete the master’s module.  

The standard period of study for the master’s degree programme Media Studies is four semesters. After successfully completing and presenting their master’s thesis, students are awarded a “Master of Arts” (MA) degree from the Faculty of Media.

After the studies

Graduates of the master’s degree programme Media Studies are qualified to pursue a doctorate or gain admission to a PhD programme. For graduates who wish to enter the workforce, this programme provides professional qualification in the areas of media, PR, culture, as well as business, cultural and political consulting.  

If you are interested in continuing your academic career, we recommend applying to our affiliated research institutes located here in Weimar. The postgraduate programme in Media Historiographies and the IKKM offer candidates the highest standards in infrastructure, organisation and personnel. The productive, dynamic interaction between research and teaching, between students/doctoral candidates and professors/fellows is strongly established and promises long and sustained success.