Media Economics 4: Entrepreneurial Branding

Instructors: Prof. Dr. Jutta Emes, Juliane Seeber M.A., Timo Janson M.A.

Number of CP: 6 CP, 4 credit hours

Type of Course: Study Module


Course Components:

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Jutta Emes

Number of CP: 3 CP, 2 credit hours

Type of Course: Seminar

This course introduces the participants to core concepts of entrepreneurial marketing. In the beginning basic knowledge is presented. In the course of the seminar students will work together in teams and give presentations on topics like market entry strategies, marketing with limited resources, and marketing plan for start-up companies, etc.

Market-oriented management of start-ups

Instructor: Timo Janson M.A., Juliane Seeber M.A.

Number of CP: 3 CP, 2 credit hours

Type of Course: Seminar

Marketing as market-oriented management is an incremental part of start-up companies. Only if the entrepreneurs can create value for their respective customers, they are able to compete in established markets and build a loyal customer base. Goal of this seminar to teach the students the necessary tools and theory and give them the opportunity to apply these tools to solve contemporary challenges of start-up companies. By solving case studies and preparing lessons for their fellow students, participants obtain problem solving skills and learn the neccessary theories and tools.