Secure Channels (Course)

LecturerProf. Dr. Stefan Lucks

A secure channel, between two or more participants, provides privacy and integrity of the transmitted data. The goal of this course is to understand the principles of designing and analyzing secure channels. The students will learn to distinguish between a secure and an insecure design, by conceiving the basic ideas of secure channels:

  • Formalizing the security requirements
  • Analyzing existing protocol and channel designs
  • How to prove the security of a given design
  • Sound implementation of secure channels

Class Meeting:

Tuesday, 13:30 - 15:00, Karl-Haußknechtstr. 7 (HK7, HS - Lecture Room)

First Meeting:

15 October 2019


All materials are accessible via moodle. The corresponding password will be anounced in the first lecture and in the first problem session.


Oral examination (Admission due to a successful take out of the problem session)

Target audience:

  • Computer Science and Media, M.Sc.
  • Computer Science for Digital Media, M.Sc.


 Introduction to Modern Cryptography  by Mihir Bellare and Phillip Rogaway