Accepted Papers

List of Accepted Papers

Number Title Authors
1 Intractability of a Linear Diophantine Equation Discrete Log Problem based Asymmetric Cryptosystem M.R.K.Ariffin and N.A.Abu
2 Critical attacks in code-based cryptography Robert Niebuhr
3 Group Homomorphic Encryption and Beyond: Characterizations, Impossibility Results, and Applications Frederik Armknecht, Stefan Katzenbeisser and Andreas Peter
4 Algorithmically determining the optimum polynomial multiplier in GF(2k) Zoya Dyka and Peter Langendoerfer
5 Cryptanalysis of the Light-Weight Cipher A2U2 Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Julia Borgho , Erik Zenner
6 Efficient implementation of code-based identification schemes Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Sidi Mohamed El Yousfi Alaoui, Felix Günther, Gerhard
Hoffmann and Holger Rother
7 New Universal Hash Functions Aysajan Abidin
8 RSA Vulnerabilities with Small Prime Difference Marian Kühnel

On the role of expander graphs in key predistribution schemes
for wireless sensor networks

Michelle Kendall and Keith Martin
10 Cryptanalysis of TWIS Block Cipher Onur Kocak and Nese  Oztop
11 Fast Parallel Keyed Hash Functions Based on Chaotic Maps (PKHC) Mahmoud M. Maqableh
12 The Cryptographic Power of Random Selection Matthias Krause and Matthias Hamann
13 Related-key attacks on the full GOST block cipher with 2 or 4 related keys Marina Pudovkina and George Khoruzhenko
14 An Information-Theoretic and Computational Complexity Security
Analysis of a Randomized Stream Cipher Model
Miodrag J. Mihaljevi and Hideki Imai
15 On the Security of Hummingbird-2 against Side Channel Cube Attacks Xinxin Fan, Honggang Hu, and Guang Gong
16 A Lightweight Pseudorandom Number Generator For EPC Class 1 Gen2 RFID Tags Kalikinkar Mandal, Xinxin Fan, and Guang Gong
17 Improved Software Implementation of DES Using CUDA and OpenCL D. Noer , A.P. Engsig-Karup and E. Zenner
18 A taxonomy of non-cooperatively computable functions Yona Raekow and Konstantin Ziegler
19 Breaking DVB-CSA Erik Tews, Julian Wälde and Michael Weiner
20 Mars Attacks! Revisited!
Differentially Attack 12 Rounds of the MARS Core and Defeating the Complex MARS Key-Schedule
Michael Gorski, Thomas Knapke, Eik List, Stefan Lucks and Jakob Wenzel
21 Full Lattice Basis Reduction on Graphics Cards Timo Bartkewitz and Tim Güneysu
22 A new secure sketch based on the discrete logarithm problem Max Grosse and Stefan Lucks
23 Gamma-MAC[H,P] - A new universal MAC scheme Ewan Fleischmann, Christian Forler and Stefan Lucks
24 The preimage security of double-block-length compression functions Frederik Armknecht, Ewan Fleischmann, Matthias Krause, Jooyoung Lee, Martijn Stam and John Steinberger
25 Block Ciphers Based on Wavelet Decomposition of Splines Alla Levina