HCi Lab

Project Lab

The big lab space is mostly being used by our student projects, for example the 'kick/flickable interfaces' group as seen here.


Our main laboratory is located in the Karl-Haußknecht Strasse 7. It is constantly in flux, always being adapted depending on the number and structure of the currently running projects.
Workstation 64bit, i7, 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM
Microsoft Windows 7, 64 bit
Microsoft Office 2013
Adobe Production Premium


This lab space is mainly used for research and theses projects.

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Interface Development Lab (DBL)

Interface Lab im BDL

The Interface Development Lab is a central facility for research across the faculty (also accessible to research groups in Arts/Design) and is managed by the HCI chair and group. It supports the design, development and production of innovative physical-digital interfaces and devices. The facilities (3D printing, electronics workshop) allow rapid prototyping of such artefacts at a quality level that allows them to be directly used in research studies or to be deployed.

Faculty members can apply for access to the lab for specific projects. For the terms of use and fees please read the lab rules document on the DBL page. 

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