Final Theses

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ongoing theses


Lynn Hoff: Games and biosignals - an exploration (working title) (M.Sc. HCI)

Fernando Cárdenas Monsalve: Facilitating face-to-face interactions in a social environment with an App. (M.Sc. HCI)

Mohamed Hanafy: Beat the beats (working title) (M.Sc. HCI) 

Nguyen Thien Chinh: Comprende Mapper - software for semi-automatic (hand) tracking of pedestrian flow from video  (M.Sc. CS&M)

Muhammed Raisul Islam (Tamim Tam): Exploring and measuring Efficiency, Effectiveness and Satisfaction of hand gesture control (using Myo) in a puzzle solving computer video game (working title) (M.Sc. CS&M)

Kevin Schminnes: IoT Flares: Entwicklung eines OSC basierenden Interface Clusters (B.Sc. Medieninformatik)

Georg Erfurt: Camera based finger tracking for training of children with dyscalculia (working title) (M.Sc. CS&M)


completed theses

Mark Eisenberg: Designing an interface for connecting a Web of Things (M.Sc. HCI) (Nov. 2017)

Preetha Moorthy: Textile Interfaces for Kids: A touch and feel book (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Prof. Andreas Mühlenberend, Produktdesign BUW) (August 2017)

Pavel Karpashevich: Digitization of Human Body Abstraction in Theatrical and Dance Performances (M.Sc. HCI) (2nd supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Sattler, Produktdesign BUW) (April 2017)

Nana Kesewaa Dankwa: Exploring Participatory Eco-feedback Design for Reflection and User Agency. A student accomodation case study (M.Sc. CS&M) (2nd supervisor: Dr. John Halloran, University of Coventry) (January 2017)

Georg Erfurt: Drahtlose mobile öffentliche Interfaces. Einfluss von räumlichen Gegebenheiten auf die Interaktionstechniken zwischen Nutzer und Modul  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (Oktober 2016)

Hasibullah Sahibzada: Comparison of Interactive and Non-Interactive Advertisement in Public Displays (M.Sc. HCI)  (July/August 2016)

Till Fastnacht: Sonnengarten - urbane Lichtinstallation mit Interaktion durch Pflanzen  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (May 2016) video. see also docu page

Thomas Keßler: Exploration von pneumatischen Interfaces mittels weicher Materialien (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (May 2016)

Daniel Pollack: Entwicklung einer Software zur Messdatenerfassung und Signalsteuerung mit Hilfe der Arduino Plattform (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) -> Screencast   (April 2016)

Daniela Pohl: Tangibles vs Gestures - Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Tangible- und Gestensteuerung für das Computerspiel Tetris  (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (Sept. 2015)

Lynn Hoff: Untersuchung des Einflusses von Priming auf Legacy Bias bei der Durchführung von Gesture Elicitation Studies (B.Sc. Medieninformatik) (Sept. 2015)

Michael Pannier: Can’t Touch This - A Prototype for Public Pointing Interaction (a museum installation) (M.Sc. CS&M)  (Feb 2015)