Master-Course Baustoffingenieurwissenschaft (Buildung Material Engineering)

Building and construction materials have long influenced the technical progress in society. Technical innovations have ushered in a new generation of building and construction materials with custom-made characteristics.  
These developments are constantly subject to technical, economic and environmental limitations. The field of building material engineering is growing larger everyday as a result of increasing demands in the areas of new construction, restoration, environmental protection, recycling and the usage of waste materials and not only in the area of building material production.

Course of study

One may gain admission to the master's degree programme without having attained the bachelor's degree in Building Material Engineering; students may be eligible with a university degree in a different engineering subject, e.g. in Civil Engineering.  The master's degree programme in Building Material Engineering is divided into two main subject areas: Building Materials and Renovation with a stronger focus on technical engineering and Materials Science in Construction with a material scientific emphasis. 

ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is used throughout and greatly simplifies the process of evaluating and recognizing academic achievement attained at other institutions of higher education.  These credits confirm that the student has successfully completed the subject along with the required course work for the subject.


Academic goal

The curriculum of the bachelor's degree programme in Building Material Engineering is organized in such a way that the courses build on one another to provide graduates with professional qualification, rooted in a strong scientific background. After studying six semesters, students receive a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Building Material Engineering, certifying that they have attained the expertise and skills necessary to enter the professional field.

The goal of the four-semester master's degree programme in Building Material Engineering is to train engineers who are scientifically oriented and have practical understanding of building and construction materials. The concentration Building Materials and Rehabilitation teaches students about the durability and the mechanisms of deterioration of building materials, the diagnosis of structural damage and the possibilities of maintenance and renovation. The concentration Materials Science in Construction focuses on understanding the relationships of structural characteristics of building and construction materials. Such knowledge is essential for developing multifunctional and custom-made building materials. 



  • Baustoffe und Sanierung
  • Materialwissenschaft Bau  

Potential workplaces

As engineers, graduates hold a widely accepted title of professional qualification which stands for high-quality university education in Germany. The title allows potential employers to immediately determine the candidate's professional qualification. Graduates, who hold a degree in Building Material Engineering, are capable of taking on a wide range of tasks in the following areas:


  • - Research and development in the entire field of building materials
  • - Production of building materials, including manufacturing technology
  • - Building material testing and quality assurance at the building site       
  • - Consulting in building materials and construction
  • - Construction site supervision
  • - Renovation planning
  • - Building rehabilitation
  • - Qualified damage assessment and causal research
  • - Recycling and environmental protection
  • - Management and controlling in the field of building materials
  • - Controlling and project management in the entire building materials sector


  • Bachelor of Science for example specializing in Civil Engineering
    or Building Material Engineering.
    Graduates of other courses may, after examining the individual conditions also be accepted.

Admission process

  • Enrolment procedure
  • Entrance exam in special cases 



September 30th of the current year

Commencement of degree programme

Winter- and Summer semester 

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