The postgraduate programme “Building Physics and Energy-Efficient Building Design” is a master’s degree programme targeted at architects, civil engineers and those who are interested in related subjects and who would like to work in the field of Building Physics. This in-service programme allows candidates to deepen their scientific understanding, technical expertise and experience through practice- and problem-related learning opportunities and academic forms.

To be eligible for admission, candidates require a university degree of professional qualification in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Physics, Environmental Engineering or a similar discipline, and at least one year of professional experience. 

Graduates can look forward to a wide range of employment opportunities. These include positions in the area of energy-efficient building planning, renovation consulting and planning, fire protection planning and assessment, sound-proofing planning and assessment and acoustic planning. Experts in Building Physics are frequently needed at architectural and civil engineering offices, public administrative authorities, large construction companies, housing development companies, renovation companies and Building Physics departments.

You can find more information and view the study and examination regulation on our degree programme’s website: