Construction Engineering and Management (Prof. Bargstädt)

Demolition processes
handicapped accessibility in combination with modernization measures
safety issues in construction processes






Construction Economics (Prof. Alfen)

Analysis of the conditions of public-private partnerships (PPP) in Germany
life-cycle related issues in publicly funded structural engineering projects
drafting PPP guidelines; international comparison of PPPs
private-sector models for Germany’s highways
facility management at medical clinics

Foundation Engineering (Prof. Witt)

Water supply in unsaturated soil; reliability of surface seals
drying behaviour of geosynthetic clay-sealing membranes
soil mechanical behaviour of stabilized backfill materials in pipe-laying construction
stochastic soil modelling
implementation of preliminary information concerning soil in GIS when applying decision theories
stabilizing and strengthening existing foundation structures

[Translate to English:] Volkswirtschaftslehre: Infrastrukturökonomie & Infrastrukturmanagement (Prof. Grove)

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  • Allgemeinen Volkswirtschaftslehre
  • Grundsatzfragen der Infrastrukturpolitik und -finanzierung
  • Nachhaltige Unternehmensstrategie
  • Netzeffekte infrastrukturbasierter Netze
  • Rechtlich-ökonomische Regulierungsaspekte
  • Ressourcenverteilung
  • Regulierung und Unternehmensführung.
  • Wohlfahrtsökonomie

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