The air-conditioned geodetic measurement laboratory operated by the Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry is 30 m x 3.5 m and is located at Coudraystr. 7.

Geodetic measurement laboratory

Laboratory equipment

The geodetic measurement lab contains a 26-metre measuring track onto which a mobile instrumented sled is installed. A computer system controls the movement of the sled, which allows its relative movements to be predefined and precisely measured with a laser interferometer. This enables researchers to calibrate various geodetic measuring instruments and carry out a number of measurement-related testing situations for research purposes, e.g. photogrammetric experiments. In addition to other testing stations with steel and granite slabs attached to concrete bases, the laboratory is also equipped with measuring probes (for path measurement), digital multimeters (for measuring electrical current, voltage and temperature) and frequency counters.

An 8-m tall shaft at the end of the laboratory is also available for special testing situations.


Die nachfolgende Liste stellt einen Auszug der vorhandenen Messgeräte dar:

- Laserinterferometersystem HP 5529A (Linear- und Geradheitsmessung)

- Messtaster Heidenhain MT 25

- Digital-Multimeter Agilent 34970A

- Frequenzzähler 53131A

- mehrere Messkameras (Fuji FinePix S3 Pro, DMD 6023, …)

- mechanische und elektronische Tachymeter (Zeiss S10, Leica TCR 305/405, …)

- mechanische und elektronische Nivelliere (Ni 020A, Zeiss DiNi 10, …)

- Neigungssensor Leica Nivel 20