Research and research-related instruction would be impossible without excellent laboratories and testing facilities, because every good theory requires practical analysis. Furthermore, experimentation plays a significant role in both areas of instruction and research. In the past several years, the Faculty of Civil Engineering has not only expanded its existing facilities, but also established a large number of new laboratories. The faculty now has the capability to conduct laboratory experimentation in all important areas of study. During their studies, students become acquainted with the methods of experimental work in laboratory and technical internships. At the same time, the faculty carries out experimental research tasks and testing on behalf of the industry.   

You will find a wide range of research opportunities on the following pages. If you have any questions or require further information, the contacts at the respective laboratories will be happy to assist you.  


Waste Management

Building Chemistry

Building Physics


Geodesy and Photogrammetry


Junior Chair in Simulations and Experiments

Residential Water Management

Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory

Testing facility at the CIB Weimar