III-4: Multicriterial Evaluation Method for the Prognosis Quality of Complex Engineering Models

Within the scope of this dissertation, the evaluation of partial models and coupled partial models for the design and analysis of stave structure construction, under the usage of sustainable numerical methods, should be applied. For this purpose, significant output quantities subject to varying model qualities, diverse model couplings and disperse stochastic input parameters, as response surfaces, should be calculated. From the analysis of the response surface properties (e.g. consistency, coarseness etc.), conclusions regarding the sensitivity of the outcome quality subject to the input parameter should be derived.

Based on a reference model, for example, a larger hall-type structure, which is composed of specific joint constructions, foundation and roof structure, an attempt is made to implement diverse partial model couplings and obtain conclusions based on them, which can be evaluated using the presented methods. The essential elements of the tests are the diverse partial models for impact and material behaviour.

Based on the obtained findings it should be possible to give recommendations for a systematic analysis of the applied methods and models. This also includes other aspects of the designs.

Tutors: F. Werner, C. Könke, Ch. Bucher, Dunai, J. Hildebrandt