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Evaluation of Coupled Partial Models for the Assessment of Restraint Effects in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures

The numerical analysis and the quantitative assessment of restraint effects in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures are the focus of this research topic. Therefore the evaluation of uncertainties occurring from different partial and coupled partial models in the field of material-, load-, soil-, etc. models must be considered. The influence from the model selection in the range of coupled numerical partial models concerning a structural behaviour is estimate quantitative.

The assessment of the behaviour of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures under combined restraint-load loading is the aim of this research topic. For the numerical simulation of the cross section and structural behaviour, a high number of different partial models in several fields are available for the civil engineer. This research evaluates how partial models and combinations of partial models (coupled partial models) effect the assessment of restraint forces.

A Range of partial models in this field of model selection have an influence according the behaviour of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, such as:

-   on physical level:
description of the constitutive relations for concrete, reinforcement,
            prestressing steel
short- and longtime behaviour
area affected by reinforcement
effects occurring from prestressing

-     on loading level:
      -     internal restraint effects
shrinkage with interaction according creep
confined deformations
external restraint effects
support settlements or support rotations
             -     c
hanges in structural system (states during construction)

In this research topic, the influence of partial models and coupled partial models according restraint effects in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures are analysed and assessed quantitative.


Prof. Dr. Guido Morgenthal
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Department of Concrete Structures and Bridge Engineering
Weimar, Germany

Prof. Ph.D. Dong Xu
Tongji University
Department of Bridge Engineering
Shanghai, China

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