Topic: I-4: Evaluation procedure of model robustness for physical nonlinear material behavior.

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Gabriel Bieber


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Topic I-2: Development of Adaptive Estimation Strategy for Three Dimensional Load Modelling under Consideration of Sensitivity and Dependency in the Chain of Models

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Room 201
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Shahram Ghorashi

Topic: Goal-oriented adaptive modeling of cracked material using multiscale method

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Room 105
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Topic: Evaluation of Coupled Partial Models for the Assessment of Restraint Effects in Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures

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Room 101
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Tina Knabe

Topic: II-2b Constitutive Modelling of Soils in Structural Engineering Analysis

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Topic: III-2: Assessment of multiscale partialmodels of structural elements and their interaction

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Peter Olney

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Topic: Methodologies for the development of quality assessment of Experimental models in structural Engineering 

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Room 103
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Topic: III-4: Multicriterial Evaluation Method for the Prognosis Quality of Complex Engineering Models

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Frank Scheiber

Topic: Evaluation of influences of different complex structural models on the outcome quality of robustness analysis in structural engineering

Ingmar Stade

Thema: Bewertung und Reduzierung der Unsicherheiten von 
Werkstoffdämpfungsmodellen in dynamischen Simulationen

Dr.-Ing. Hossein Talebi

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Room 110
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