Evaluation of Coupled Numerical and Experimental Partial Models in Structural Engineering

The proposed Research Training Group will serve to build up a methodical basis which, for the first time, can assume the quality of prognosis models in engineering with a quantifiable form. Our approach will be limited to models of structural engineering at first. The state of scientific knowledge in structural engineering says that it is not possible to handle a common model with all the engineers involved in for reasons of complexity. To find out the model deviation, it is necessary to examine a complete model consisting of all the coupled partial models. This will be done by the use of own developed tools and methods based on the approaches of modern object and operational models.


GRK1462 International Workshop: Coupled Numerical and Experimental Models
26th - 28th April 2017

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Proposed Topics for Projects, Thesis and Hiwi works

Structural Dynamics / System Identification
Influence of real structural parameters on numerical simulation results: case study poles

  • Main Research

    The research training group Assessment of coupled numerical partial models in constructive civil engineering focuses on four main research projects

  • The investigations and results of partial models and model couplings on different fields of research are brought together and verified on synthetic reference objects.