Mohammad Salavati


Institute of Structural Mechanics
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Marienstraße 7
99423 Weimar


PhD in Computational Mechanics, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

M.Sc. in Structural Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University; Turkey

B.Sc. Civil Engineering University of Applied Sciences and Technology; Iran

Research interest

Structural dynamics, Bridge dynamics

Earthquake engineering,Vibration-based structural health monitoring

System identification

Composite materials 

Micro-Nano devices

Multi-scale analysis

Continuum Mechanics


-Ozcelik O., Salavati M., "Variability of Modal Parameter Estimations Using Two Different Output-Only System Identification Methods", ASTM International Journal of Testing and Evaluation, (2013) (In English)


-M.Sc. thesis, " Uncertainty Analysis of modal parameters obtained from output-only system identification methods ", Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey (June 2012) (In English)


-Salavati M.,Ozcelik O.," Sensor density and measurement noise effects on modal parametersestimation".Turkey Earthquake Engineering and Seismology Conference,ODTU,Ankara, Turkey (11-14 October 2011) (In Turkish)


-B.Sc. thesis," Analysis of aeration design in high velocity chute channels ", University of Applied Science and Technology, Iran (May 2006) (In Persian)