14.-15. March 2017

This conference on gypsum shall create a forum for a wide exchange of ideas in the field of calcium sulphate binders and their application.

With the selected conference topics, the organizers want to attract both experts in research and experts in the field. Also consultants are encouraged to report about their experiences.


Main Topics of the conference

  • Calcium sulphate binders
  • Binding materials based on calcium sulphate
  • Hydration and manufacture
  • Additives and their effects
  • Calcium sulphate building materials
  • Other applications of calcium sulphates
  • Calcium sulphates in preservation of historic buildings and monuments
  • Products based on calcium sulphate and their durable utilization



Anna-Amalia-Library (D. Schwabe)

The variety of sights in and around Weimar and the impressive cultural heritage and contemporary works of art will make your stay in the "European city of culture 1999" pleasant and worthwhile.

We welcome you to the 3nd Weimar Gypsum Conference.