Transport planning (Verkehrsplanung)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Plank-Wiedenbeck

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Nadja Seiler

Semester: Winter Semester

SWS: according to BISON-Portal

Language: German


  • Methoden der Verkehrsplanung
  • Mobilitätsmanagement

Course content:

The lecture "Methods of Transportation Planning" gives an overview of the remit of transportation planning, whereas the focus is on the environmentally compatible, sustainable design. Therefore, fundamental notions, mobility parameters and traffic planning questions will be looked at with a focus on the methodical approach. Mobility as a connection between activities and changes of place will be addressed as an interface between urban and transport development. Instruments of the integrated transport planning (e.g. intermodal concepts, parking management etc.), basic plans (local transportation plan/ bicycle traffic concepts etc.) and transportation survey methods will be presented among others. Practical relevance is established by dealing with traffic development plans and examples of planned or implemented projects respectively.

The lecture "Mobility management" is about bases of mobility, attitude and mobility behaviour of different actors, potential target audiences of mobility management, forms of data collection, packages of measures of mobility management as well as methods to develop mobility services.