Macroscopic Transport Modelling

Lecturers: Dr. Christian Winkler, Dipl.-Ing. Emanuel Selz, Dipl.-Ing. Julius Uhlmann

Semester: Winter Semester

SWS: according to BISON-Portal

Language: English


  • Macroscopic Transport Modelling: Principles (Lecture)
  • Macroscopic Transport Modelling: Model Development (Exercise, Project)

Course content:

Part A: Principles

Transport planning framework, Methodology and procedures, Land-Use Data and networks, Empirical Travel Data for model developments, Trip generation, Trip distribution, Mode choice, Traffic assignment, Methods and algorithms, Strengths and weaknesses of different model approaches, Calibration and validation, Forecasting and scenario calculations

Part B: Model Development

Practical implementation and application, Modelling transport network and travel demand using PTV VISUM, Application of learned methodological approach(es) and critical reflection of the model outputs, Student presentation (group work)