Dimensioning and Linking of Transportation Modes

Lecturers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Plank-Wiedenbeck

Semester: Summer Semester

SWS: according to BISON-Portal

Language: German

Course: Dimensionierung und Vernetzung von Verkehrsträgern - Teil Dimensionierung

Course content:

Focus of the lecture is the dimensioning of road traffic installations. There is a policy available in Germany which provides standardized methods for the evaluation of capacity for nearly all installations of road-related transport. This compendium for the design of road traffic installations (HBS) is in the focus of the lecture. Based on examples from the HBS, students shall be given an understanding of the bases of traffic flow. Road sections as well as intersections will be addressed. A fundamental study for traffic lights according to the guidelines for traffic lights (RiLSA) will be carried out. Traffic-related survey methods, simulation models for traffic flow und events as well as traffic-related statistic are additional topics of this lecture. Students will be introduced to typical technical software for traffic simulation and calculation of traffic lights.