Bachelor Project: Road Design (Bachelorprojekt Straßenraumgestaltung)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Plank-Wiedenbeck

Semester: Winter Semester

SWS: according to BISON-Portal

Language: German

Course: Technisch-wirtschaftliche Studien - Bachelorprojekt Straßenraumgestaltung

Course content:

The suitable design of roads and their lateral space aligns with the requirements of all traffic participants as well as the function of the road. Area-specific features and demands on quality of connection, development and sojourn must be considered. As part of the discussion of topics, a road space design for a transformation of a road section in Weimar shall be developed. The condition for it is a profound problem analysis (status detection, aims, defects) taking account of the road environment, all user demands and future development goals of the study area. All solutions have to be weighted carefully whereas this process shall be described comprehensible in the task. The work is guided by the transport planning process.