FaMoS – automotive navigation based on multimodal information on mobility and situations in traffic management in line with strategy

Project description

The implementation of traffic control strategies as a subordinate component of a communal, regional and supraregional traffic management requires an integrated processing of a large number of dynamic data such as the state of moving and stationary traffic, traffic restriction through construction or events, pollutant immission and weather data. Routing recommendations from navigation systems and the corresponding mobile traffic information as basic components of an active traffic management strategy with the associated measures of traffic control are often solely based on data by commercial suppliers though.Thus, they dodge the influence of public authorities.The potential of a traffic management strategy for an economic, comfortable, safe and environmentally sustainable can therefore not be exhausted completely.

Therefore, the overall goal of the project is the development and prototypical implementation of an applicable solution approach for navigation of vehicles based on multimodal information on mobility and situations in traffic management in line with strategy. The continuous provision of high-quality and comprising substantial information on mobility and situations for a spatially zoned area creates an incentive for suppliers of navigation systems to use the provided data. Thereby, the issued routing recommendations and the corresponding mobile traffic information indirectly underlie the influence of public authorities in future, meaning routing in line with strategy inside the vehicle becomes possible which increase the efficiency of the traffic management strategy.

Within the FaMoS project the complete chain of information processing shall be considered. Data will be redeveloped and utilized from acquisition (source system) to provision on the mobility data market place (MDM), data enhancement and linkage methods will be developed and extended respectively.The implementation concept basically involves building on existing solutions and extend or complete accordingly.The developed system components will be integrated into the existing traffic management platform of the city of Erfurt prototypically for demonstration of developments.

Project partners

state capital Erfurt
pwp-systems GmbH, Halle/Saale

Associated partners

HERE Global B.V. (HERE)

Project sponsor

MOT Rhineland

Funding body

Modernitätsfund (mFund) by Federal Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)


January 2017 – December 2019