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x_stahl - Foto Bernd Rudolf
Published: 01 April 2022

Student project/Thesis for the design of the x.stahl building

The Experimentalbau.stahl (x.stahl) on the campus of the Bauhaus University Weimar is to be further developed into a congress center with multiple uses.

The design drafts of the congress center created by the Chair of Building Morphology (Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism) are to be verified by construction and structural investigations. The Chair of Steel and Hybrid Construction is offering the posibility of developing the structural verification within the framework of a special project or a Master Thesis. The aim is to examine the structural feasibility from the different utilization concepts of the x.stahl building by working in close cooperation with the Chair of Building Morphology. The project can be developed in group as well as individually. Do you want to actively help shaping the campus and put your structural engineering knowledge into practice? Then contact Ms. Fritz (henrieke.fritz[at]uni-weimar.de) as soon as possible. You can find more information about x.stahl here

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