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Final theses

 General information for final theses

Bachelor's, master's and diploma theses are degree theses.

The current examination regulations of the Faculty of Civil Engineering apply to all theses.


After clarification of the professorship's basic willingness to take over the supervision of a thesis, the professor must submit an application for admission to the Dean's office. Only when the application has been approved, the work on the thesis can begin.

Please note that the issue of the assignment must be made no later than one month after the topic agreement.


The processing time depends on the applicable examination regulations. Extensions are only possible for valid and verifiable reasons and require the approval of the examination board.

The application must be submitted in writing to the professorship, which will comment on the application and forward it. Evidence, such as prolonged illness, etc., must be enclosed.

Defense (Disputation)

You should arrive at the professorship or defense room at least 15 minutes before the official start of the defense to

  • familiarize yourself with the technology (preferably beamer, blackout, screen, sockets, pointer) and
  • to take note of the expert opinions on the work (expert opinions can be viewed earlier by arrangement)

  • If you need beamers or other technical equipment, you should make arrangements in advance. The provision and use of technical aids is your responsibility.
  • The duration of the presentation should be 15 min ± 2 for single works and 25 to 30 min for double works. Non-compliance with the time limit will have a negative effect on the evaluation of the lecture. Therefore, you should rehearse the lecture beforehand!
  • Try to speak as freely as possible - and pay attention to eye contact with your listeners!
  • The lecture is followed by a discussion on the results of the work, lasting about 15 minutes for a single work.
    • Answer the questions briefly and clearly!
    • Ask if you have not understood a question correctly!
    • Confess to it, if you are proved to have mistakes or inadequacies!
    • Take a stand and make it clear if you disagree with the questioner!
    • Point out the limitations of the work in terms of content if special questions are outside your field of work.
  • If you feel that you have been particularly well supported by persons or institutions during the processing phase, you can say a word of thanks at the end of the presentation or discussion.
  • The defences are public.
  • The public disputation of your thesis is an important highlight in your professional career and a significant academic event. Therefore, you should acknowledge this accordingly through your outward appearance.
  • After the defense you have to make an entry in the publication portal OPuS.

Special projects

Special projects

With the special project the candidate acquires and proves skills in the independent treatment of a delimited scientific topic from a subject of the specialization. With regard to form and scientific requirements, it is good to orientate oneself towards the requirements for final theses.

The choice of topic should be supported by the attendance of the relevant specialization courses.

Upon submission, the methods and results of the thesis should be presented and discussed in the form of a short presentation (approx. ten minutes). The presentation serves to practice the corresponding skills and is generally not graded. It should also show how well the student is able to interpret the results of his/her work.

After submission and presentation, the work will be evaluated within the next three weeks.