Thesis subjects

Current topics for projects and theses

The following topic offers represent only a first basis for a common discussion to the setting of tasks with the responsible persons. If you are interested in one or more of the topics described, we will make an appointment for you to present your ideas on the topic. We will discuss your interest and our research intention in the professorship on the topic together.

After the discussion on the task, you will briefly write down your common thoughts in a sketch of the topic. The context of the task must be described and individual components/processing steps of the topic must be listed. You should insert this sketch of the topic into our sample template for a thesis.

When reviewing the topics, it is important to note whether they are only offered at Master's level or also at Bachelor's level. 

The respective target group (M = Master, B = Bachelor, S = Thesis) is marked in brackets and the respective second supervisor at the professorship is named.

Current bachelor and master thesis subjects