Published: 15 May 2023

Visiting Scientists from Ethiopia at the Bauhaus Management Institute

Two guest scientists from Ethiopia are researching at the Chair of Construction Engineering and Management at the Bauhaus Management Institute of the Bauhaus University until probably March 2024.

Ass. Prof. Zeru Tariku Hailu, pictured left, is from Mekelle University. He worked as a project manager in Ethiopia for many years, and from 2010 he took up a parallel teaching position at Mekelle University. He has been an assistant professor at Mekelle since 2018. Prof. Tariku's research focuses on risk management in construction projects in developing countries.

Muluken Tilahun Desbalo, pictured on the right, is from Addis Ababa University. He worked as a contract manager in the industry for several years while also being active as a lecturer at various local universities. Since October 2014, he has held a lectureship at the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture and Building Construction in Addis Ababa.  His research topic addresses the optimized facility management of existing building properties under restrictive financial budgets.

Both scientists are at the Bauhaus University for several months as part of a qualification program supported by the DAAD. They are working on their doctoral projects under the supervision of Senior Professor Dr.-Ing. H.-J. Bargstädt, center.

The photo was taken recently during a day excursion to cultural highlights in Thuringia.