BIM- and sensor-based facility information management

Facility management encompasses multi-disciplinary activities, such as integrating people, locations, processes and technologies to the built environment. The multi-disciplinary activities range from planning, construction and maintenance to demolition and disposal of materials as well as optimization of costs throughout the life-cycle of a building. Acquiring the information necessary for facility management is a complex process, and ensuring that data is reliable requires regular checks and updates. Currently, there is no systematic solution to managing information; however, a promising approach in this direction is building information modeling (BIM). BIM is a digital representation of physical and operational characteristics of a building. Forming a reliable basis for decision making during the life cycle of a facility, BIM is a shared knowledge source of information about the facility. The life cycle-boundaries are defined from the earliest conception of a facility to the demolition of the facility. The technologies necessary for using BIM in facility management are available, although being used today only to a small extent.

The main objective of this research project is the integration of building-relevant information into facility management. The purpose of the project is to develop a so-called “facility information management” approach by the integration of sensors and BIM aspects into facility management. The BIM aspects can be visualization, fabrication drawings, code reviews, cost estimation, construction sequencing, or collision detection. To this end, two major research questions will be addressed: (i) how can data concerning building equipment stored in BIM models be integrated into facility management systems, and (i) how can reliable data management strategies be developed based on sensor technologies and real-time data? Mapping and documenting facility management processes in BIM as well as defining basics for general data management of BIM within facility management is an overreaching research issue to be investigated in this research.

Project type
Cooperation with THM University of Applied Sciences

2017 - 2021

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Professor Dr. Kay Smarsly
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Nadine Wills
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THM University of Applied Sciences
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