The Chair of Computing in Civil Engineering conducts interdisciplinary research focusing on the application of advanced computing, information and communication technologies to diverse problems of civil engineering. As society tries to cope with decaying infrastructure, environmental pollution and global climate change, major goals of our research are the development and the practical implementation of sustainable solutions to today's emerging societal and environmental problems. The fields of research are grouped in two major areas of affinity, each of which drastically gaining in importance worldwide: (i) Sensor-based, autonomous monitoring of natural and built structural systems (Structural Health Monitoring, SHM) and (ii) information modeling, specifically using Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Both affinity groups have in common to require innovative solutions that allow autonomously extracting knowledge out of large amounts of heterogeneous data sets. For that purpose, multi-scale partial models are being developed, which are to be embedded into sensors, continuously updated using actual measured data, verified by means of laboratory experiments and simulation models, or quantitatively evaluated using global models.

In close collaboration with industrial partners and with leading national and international research institutions, our team is working on the following research topics primarily emanating from the above areas of affinity.

List of research projects (since 2013)