List of open topics (M.Sc. theses and student projects)

Dear Students,

The following topics are available for M.Sc. theses and student projects. The theses and projects may be conducted in German or English language, depending on your degree program. B.Sc. topics are available upon request. Feel free to propose your own ideas (further information).

Ontologies and knowledge representation systems in engineering applications Dmitrii Legatiuk (
Explainability in civil engineering: Analysis of existing approaches, codes, and requirements Daniel Luckey (
Implementation of sensor data for visual algorithms in parametric modelling Daniel Luckey (
Life-cycle management based on building data using Industry Foundation Classes Heinrich Söbke (
Modeling sensor data for intelligent structures Stalin Ibanez (
Development of a structural control algorithm for tuned liquid column dampers Mahsa Mirboland (, Stalin Ibanez (
An IFC extension for intelligent roads Mahsa Mirboland (
Analysis of geometric representations in the IFC schema for additive manufacturing Patricia Peralta (
Sensitivity analysis of printing material with respect to variations in process parameters in additive manufacturing Patricia Peralta (
Design of a monitoring system for condition assessment of concrete structures (more information, in German) Christian Walther (