• Bio2Geo
    "Entwicklung und Demonstration eines innovativen ökologischen Hybridkraftwerks für die Kopplung von Bioenergie mit Geothermie zur Versorgung unterschiedlicher Abnehmerstrukturen"
    10/2018 - 03/2021
  • ThIWert
    "Einrichtung eines Thüringer Innovationszentrums für Wertstoffe"
    10/2018 - 01/2023
  • TRAPA India
    "Transition pathways for solving the urban wastewater, fecal sludge and septage problem in Indian cities based on resource orientation and business models"
    05/2020 - 04/2022
  • Forschergruppe ThIWertBioMobil
    "Mobilisierung der Biomassenutzung aus sekundären Rohstoffquellen in Thüringen"
    01/2021 - 12/2022
  • FNR Algae
    "Development of a land-based photobioreactor for marine seaweed and its integration into agricaltural operations"
    "Reducing mineral fertilizers and agro-chemicals by recycling treated organic waste as compost and biochar products"
    "Demonstration project urban district Jenfelder Au - linking of regenerative energy production to innovative wastewater engineering in cities"
  • FNR BAW:
    "Anaerobe test procedures for the certification of biodegradable biopolymers"
    "Decision Support System for Saline Waters"

  • BMU BioEnEf
    "Improving the energy efficiency of composting and co-fermentation"

  • FNR Einfahrphase
    "Strategies for improved start sequences of solid state fermentation in batch operation"

  • Regelung
    "Transferring a fuzzy logic based control algorithm for process stability to agricultural large-scale biogas plants"

    "Development of a container-based small-scale biogas plant for liquid substrates"

  • Feststoffparameter
    "The influence of physical parameters of solid matter on solid state fermentation of renewable resources"