Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kraft


At the Chair of Biotechnology in Resources Management we take a long-term view at using resources with appropriate management practices and technologies. The main areas of this work lie in:

  • Assessment of organic waste streams, and in
  • Further education and training for the environmental and waste management sector

In these areas we pay attention to include social, culture-specific, and economic issues into an holistic approach, which improves also environmental responsibility among a wide range of actors in this field. Beside our long term engagement, we also address short and medium-term problems, especially with:

  • Monitoring and optimisation of biogas and compost plants, and
  • Scientific support for international environmental projects

In these areas of work we focus on life cycles and on solutions for re-using and recycling waste materials. Results of this work are waste management strategies, life cycle assessments, and product designs.

Beside projects in Germany and Europe, we focus also on South-East Asia. This includes former and current projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia und Laos. Main emphases in these projects are waste management concepts, appropriate waste treatment technologies, development of instructions and guidelines, as well as environmental education.