Published: 28 April 2021

Partnership for virtual laboratories in civil engineering - PARFORCE

The professorship is glad to announce the commencement of Erasmus+ project: PARFORCE.

The PARFORCE project within the framework of Erasmus+ constitute a strategic partnership (SP) between Bauhaus-University Weimar (BUW), Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), University Aveiro (UA), University Osijek (UNIOS), and Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (IZIIS).

The SP aims at developing a joint platform for digital/virtual laboratory experiments to support European civil engineering higher education, and thus, making an essential contribution to understanding of teaching materials by the students. The main objective of the project is achieving the availability of various laboratory experiments in virtual environments carried out at specialized institutes.

The result of the strategic partnership will be provided by three intellectual outputs, which will be practically applied in an elective pilot module for M.Sc. students "Experiments in a Virtual Environment". This course aims at communicating to students different modeling ideas for laboratory experiments in civil engineering. The pilot course, which will be taught jointly by the project partners, expands the curriculum of all partners and, after a successful evaluation, will be continued, as well as opened to external students in compliance with the formalities.

Project start: 01.06.2021              | Project duration: 24 months